DSPGeo Stack 2D

DSPGeo Stack 2D produces stacked seismic sections based on the Common- Reflection-Surface (CRS) method, which allows one to produce improved results over the traditional common-midpoint (CMP) method.

The strength of CRS based methods is on the fact that they use a larger number of traces per stacked trace than the CMP method, together with the information of the geological structure, which allows one to obtain seismic sections with higher signal-to-noise ratio. This is particularly interesting in scenarios where the seismic fold is low or the signal-to-noise ratio of the pre-stack data is poor, which imposes great challenge on imaging using the CMP method.


DSPGeo Enhance 2D

DSPGeo Enhance 2D is designed to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio and to regularize prestack data traces. This product uses the Common- Offset Common-Reflection- Surface (CO CRS) operator. Moreover, DSPGeo Enhance uses artificial intelligence to recover and enhance the quality of your pre-stack data.


3 CMP’s with the raw data


DSPGeo Data Enhancement

DSPGeo Enhance reduces your company’s processing cycle while improving the confidence of your imaging and interpretation. Thus without changing the well established team processing workflow of your company, from picking in conventional velocity analysis to the most advanced pre-stack depth inversion methods.


Common offset with the raw data


DSPGeo Enhance